All members of the DMC are encouraged to enter our 'in-house' competitions. 



Several times during the year we have a competition
whereby members present a trick or short routine. 

The themes of each of these nights and the scoring is done by the serving
President or his appointed representative, if the President takes part. 

Points are awarded for participation as well as for the 'heat' winners. 
There are sometimes extra points awarded for particular merit,
entertainment, originality etc. so there is an opportunity for everyone to have
a chance of winning whether they are new to magic or experienced professionals.

At the end of the Circle year a trophy is awarded to the
member who has accumulated the most points throughout the year.
The trophy is held by that member until the following year.


          Current and Past Winners

2013  Ian Wragg

2012  Ian Wragg

2011  Ian Wragg

2010   Stu Di-Doo

2009   Stu Di-Doo

2008   Daniel Wragg

2007   Ian Wragg  



This event is held annually in July to commemorate the passing of
Bob Harland, one of the founding members of the DMC.
Those taking part are expected to present a short routine
incorporating entertaining and inventive magic.
All members may enter and the winner is decided by a
secret vote of all members present. There is a high standard set.

       Current and Past Winners

2013   Ian MacPherson

2012   Colin Diaper

2011   Ian Wragg

2010   Nick Richmond

2009   David Sanders

        2008   Thomas Wigham

        2007   Thomas Wigham

        2006   Thomas Wigham

        2005   Stevo Watson



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