Who We Are

The Darlington Magic Circle is a friendly magic society based in the North East of England with members based locally, nationally and even overseas.

Our aims are

To Promote and Develop the Art of Magic

To Encourage and Improve the Performance of Magic

We achieve this by holding regular (fortnightly) meetings which include a range of lectures, competitions and opportunities to learn from fellow magicians as well as being a superb opportunity for like-minded people to simply meet up, socialise and share our interest.

Our members include experienced professionals (Full & Part-time), keen hobbyists, magic history collectors, magic dealers& manufacturers and those purely interested in magic as an art.  Between us we span just about every aspect of the magical range from Children's Entertainers and Close-Up to Specialist Performers and Grand Illusion.

We are serious about magic and the related arts but also ensure we retain the fun factor.  We all enjoy a good laugh, try to keep rules to the minimum and have a very relaxed feeling to our meetings and events.   

New members are welcome irrespective of ability however it should be noted that we have a minimum joining age of 16 years.  You will be expected to keep secret any magic principles you're made party to and do nothing to bring Magic or the DMC into disrepute. Be aware that you will need to prove your genuine interest in magic as those simply wanting to learn how things are done will not be allowed entry or membership.

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The DMC originated from the informal meetings in 1988 at Ludi's Joke Shop in the old Court Arcade, Darlington between Reg Hull, Nick Richmond & Ian Wragg. Three lunatics with a love for all things magical.

Nothing official came of the meetings each Saturday, it was very informal.  Then Ian turned professional in 1989, Nick moved out of the area in 1993 & Reg died in 1994; although Nick & Ian were still in touch with each other the meetings ended.

 In 1999 Nick moved back to the town having been deported from Scotland as being undesirable and looking awful in a kilt. The meetings commenced again, this time at the Greyhound Pub, with Nick and Ian being joined by Ian's son Daniel, Graeme Fishwick, Brian (or Bev) Hills, Noel Brooks and Bob (Inspector Gadget) Harland.

It was decided to formalise the club and an Executive Committee was formed/elected consisting of Noel Brooks, Nick Richmond & Ian Wragg. 
(DMC) was born.

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