Why Magic?

Most people are only aware of the sort of magic which makes it onto television or from their memories. Few actually get to experience it live and for real which is where magic really comes alive. There is no substitute for live performance and entertainment.
That is why so many people enjoy live magic at Parties, Business Events and Entertainment Venues. Many magicians find their way into this mysterious world after encountering it as a child and wanting to see and learn more. As a result most magicians tend to retain the inquisitiveness and sense of adventure too many adults lose. Often there is a 'need to know' but the main driving force behind most is the enjoyment in accomplishing a challenge or being able to entertain friends & family. If you enjoy crosswords or puzzles, magic is a natural extension as learning and mastering tricks keeps your brain active as well as providing a fascinating diversion.

Not Just Card Tricks

The majority of people are amazed when they discover just how varied magic actually is and the history and work which lays behind the scenes.

The typical impression is of a Childrens Entertainer bringing a kids party to life with larger than life antics; Card Tricks, Uncles producing coins from behind ears, big show Illusionists and Restaurant or Street Performers presenting varius Close-Up tricks. There is, however, a far greater range with styles to appeal to all ages and levels of sophistication.

There are magicians who offer a broad repertoire and others who specialise. There are even some who don't regard themselves as magicians at all. Mentalists, Hypnotists and Bizarre Magick performers steer away from the usual trickery and flashy props preferring to explore the real magic of human ability and the mind - some venturing into what is usually considered to be the psychic, supernatural or plain weird.

Escapologists and Extreme Magicians take the art in a much more physical direction testing their bodies and nerve against difficult, dangerous and scary challenges.

There are then those who simply prefer to be Collectors of magic props, paraphernalia and tricks because of their craftsmanship or curiosity.

There is, of course, overlaps between many of these disciplines and areas of interest whether your fascination is with the science or history behind magic or the sheer fun of the entertainment.

If you would like to know more, inquire about hiring a performer for your event or perhaps even join us, we would be delighted to hear from you.